Golf Performance

Move Better. Feel Better. Play Better.

Anyone who has ever played the game recognizes that golfers often struggle with injuries. Using the latest in equipment, including K-Vest, training from the industry-leading Titleist Performance Institute, and with an indoor facility that allows for full assessment of your swing, ReActive Physiotherapy can get your body back up to par.

golf-performance-pageimgThree factors lead to an efficient golf swing:

  • Body/Swing Mechanics
  • Physical Conditioning
  • Equipment

Your body is the best golf equipment that money can buy.  Investing in your physical condition can help you hit the ball further, prevent injury and improve your swing efficiency.

The ReActive Golf Lab Experience

The world’s finest players employ a team approach in order to compete at the highest level. The ReActive team addresses the body-swing connection through a series of unique physical screening tests correlated with a detailed golf swing analysis. These results are used to develop a customized program to maximize each player’s potential.

Available Programs

  • TPI fitness screen (Identical to a touring pro)
  • 2D video swing analysis (high- speed video)
  • 3D motion capture (k-vest) with report
  • TPI custom-conditioning program (with video/text of all exercises)

What to Expect From Your Training Program

  • Improved stability and mobility – longer drives, better ball compression
  • Injury prevention – better practice, better play, more fun
  • A more consistent, repeatable, efficient swing sequence
  • Decreased fatigue, more energy, better mental game.

The program consists of one hour long assessment day followed by another day to review the results and go through your first workout. Your appointments may be able to be covered under most extended health plans, so please inquire when booking your first appointment.

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