Over the past several years, there has been a shift in golf training where the goal is no longer to match each golfer’s swing style to the likes of Tiger Woods, or Adam Scott, rather it is to make your swing efficient for what your body can physically do.  K-Vest provides much more technical information than what can been seen, even by a high-speed video camera.

K-VEST uses 3 wireless sensors, located on your hips, shoulders, and golf glove to more effectively diagnose the true cause of accuracy and distance issues.  K-Vest provides an abundance of information including but not limited to upper and lower body rotation, the timing of when each segment fires, and the speed for which the upper body and lower body move throughout the swing. Once a swing has been captured, we have the ability analyze and communicate your swing efficiency or “power signature” to you. In other words, the system analyzes the specific areas of your address, backswing or downswing that are holding you back.

K-Vest is most powerful during real-time biofeedback exercises. You will now be able to both see and feel what it’s like to be in good posture, and be able exercise with the visual and auditory feedback during various corrective exercises.