Telehealth Services Now at ReActive Physiotherapy!

The team at ReActive Physiotherapy is excited to announce that we will now be taking appointments for Virtual Physiotherapy services. We will be offering secure, easy appointments via our ClinicMaster software. This program is as easy as Facetime, Facebook Messenger or Skype, but secure and private for your health care needs. This program will be offered by ReActive Physiotherapy Staff that can continue to serve your needs for physiotherapy treatment.

We understand that this is a difficult time for many people and that we are facing new challenges. ReActive Physiotherapy is here for current and new patients to easily and conveniently connect with our expert services. Telehealth services are designed to give patients premium care and the highest level of consultative experience without leaving the comforts of home. The platform will allow for audio-visual assessment and treatment during these times of social distancing.

We feel that physiotherapy is an essential service during infectious diseases outbreaks. Physiotherapy can mitigate adverse impacts due to social isolation, lack of community ambulation and play a critical role in keeping individuals active. This will improve the physical and mental well-being for all. We would also like to prevent the need for clients to access urgent or emergency services for musculoskeletal pain and reduce the burden on the medical system.?

Research supports the following benefits of Virtual Physiotherapy services:

  • Direct access to your therapist in the comfort of your own home
  • Continuing exercise progressions and goals
  • Application of home-based treatments and modalities
  • Improving range of motion, strength and function pre and post joint replacement surgery
  • Maintaining continuity of programs
  • Maintaining accountability improves compliance and adherence to exercise programs

What will Virtual Physiotherapy look like?

  • Clients wanting to schedule a virtual appointment will email, can book online via the clinicmaster patient portal or can call the clinic to leave a message (there may be a delay in returning telephone messages 519-601-5522).
  • Clients will then be given an appointment time, instructions, and sent an email with an active LINK to click on to join the treatment session
  • Audio-visual assessment and consultation will occur at specific time
  • Initial appointments are 60 minutes and follow-up visits are 30 min
  • Secure email will be sent as a follow-up including, but not limited to, education materials and exercise instructions, video demonstrations
  • Insurance companies have approved telehealth treatment for physiotherapy, so you can submit to your benefits just like a face to face treatment session
  • Remote billing and a receipt for insurance billing will be provided within 72 hours of your session. We are also in the process of integrating a direct billing service so that we can bill your extended health insurance. An update on the ability to direct bill will come next week.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Telehealth FAQs

What is telehealth?

Telehealth is the provision of physiotherapy services at a distance, by an information or communication technology such as video conferencing or telephone, when an in-person visit is not possible. A patient can expect the same safe, effective, and ethical care as an in-person visit.

When might telehealth be appropriate?

Telehealth may be appropriate if you cannot easily attend an in-person visit because of physical distancing implemented to reduce the spread of infectious disease during a pandemic. Or there is a shortage of appropriate physiotherapy care available in the region where you live or because you have transportation or mobility problems.

What are the limitations of telehealth?

Telehealth has limitations compared to an in-person encounter such as the inability to perform hands-on examination, assessment and treatment. It is up to you and the physiotherapist to determine what is best for you, based on your particular condition, preferences, available technology and environmental factors.

What are the limitations of telehealth?

Telehealth has limitations compared to an in-person encounter such as the inability to perform hands-on examination, assessment and treatment. It is up to you and the physiotherapist to determine what is best for you, based on your particular condition, preferences, available technology and environmental factors.

What are the risks of receiving care via telehealth?

Concerns about the privacy of your personal health information, and your personal safety. The physiotherapist is required to ensure that the location where you receive care is safe, and that procedures are in place to ensure the availability of help in the event of an emergency. The physiotherapist may recommend that the visit proceed in the presence of another person to enhance the safety and value of the visit.

Will my personal information still be private and secure?

Physiotherapists are required to ensure the privacy and security of your personal information at all times. This extends to the technology they use as well as the appropriateness of the setting in which services are delivered. The platform that we use at ReActive Physiotherapy (ClinicMaster) meets all privacy law standards.

What can I expect from a telehealth session?

  • Communication with your treating physiotherapist about your condition   
  • Advice and education about self-management strategies
  • Monitoring your progress with a treatment program
  • Review and update of current exercise program 
  • Supervised exercise prescription and advice on how to implement a home program

Do I have to pay for telehealth physiotherapy services?

It depends. Some extended health companies (such as Sunlife, WSIB and Motor Vehicle Insurance) cover virtual or telehealth services, while others do not. We recommend checking with your insurance company prior to your first telehealth session to confirm if you are covered. Our fees for assessment (60 minutes) are $130 and follow ups (30 minutes) are $80. We will collect your credit card information during the session and process the payment and email your receipt within 72 hours of your session.

What do I need for my virtual physiotherapy session?

Any of the following devices with an internet connection will be sufficient for your virtual session

  • Computer with webcam
  • Tablet (e.g. iPad)
  • Smart-phone (iPhone) or similar device

How do I prepare or my virtual physiotherapy session?

Set your device up so that you can do a face-to-face interview and you can move away to show your full body (ideally have a chair without wheels nearby).

  • Ensure you have good lighting so the physiotherapist can view your face and body while you are moving.
  • If you use a gait aid (cane, walker, urban poles, etc.) please have them nearby.
  • Have a list of your medications nearby.
  • Familiarize yourself with your device’s volume so you can adjust if needed.
  • Ensure you have good secure, internet connections (no public WiFi) and no one else in your home is streaming (i.e. Netflix) during your telehealth session.
  • Change into loose fitting clothing (shorts for leg issues and tank tops for arms – if possible) so that you can move freely, and the physiotherapist can see your joints move.
  • Check your email account for the link to your session!

Remember telehealth is designed to serve your needs and can be stopped at any time. We look forward to helping you reach your physical therapy goals!