Massage Therapists

Stephanie Richmond

StephanieRegistered Massage Therapist

Stephanie has always been an active individual and understands the importance of manual therapy and taking care of your body. As a massage therapist, she strives to create an effective treatment plan and works with the client to obtain their goals. Stephanie is a Registered Massage Therapist completing her education from the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy. Stephanie has dedicated herself to continue learning taking courses in cupping and pain science.

Prior to becoming a Massage Therapist, she obtained a neuroscience degree, which provides a deeper scientific understanding in regards to brain injury and function. As well as a background in the mechanisms of the body’s neurological functioning and how the brain and body are largely integrated for a successful recovery.

Michaela Lawrence

MichaelaRegistered Massage Therapist

Michaela completed and graduated her Advanced Diploma of Massage Therapy at Fanshawe college in Fall 2020, continuing on to complete her board examinations and registration in Fall 2021. She has since included Cupping Therapy to her manual therapy regime.

In addition, Michaela also completed and graduated with the Fitness & Health Promotion Diploma from Fanshawe College in 2014, as well as achieving her CSEP Certified Personal Trainer Certification. Since then she has acquired 8 years of experience working in the fitness industry and continues to work independently with clients locally.

A native in London, Michaela grew up involved in athletics throughout her life, participating in soccer in her youth, as well as rugby and wrestling at Sir Frederick Banting Secondary School. In her spare time she enjoys recreational soccer and football, as well as weight training at the gym.

Michaela is passionate and eager to work with clients to help assess and establish the root of a clients concern in order to assist them in getting back to living life pain free.