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With distinguished and experienced therapists, a modern facility with private treatment rooms, the latest in rehabilitation and exercise equipment, and a personalized approach to improving the health of clients, ReActive Physiotherapy is dedicated to providing the highest quality care in London, ON.

Our physiotherapists specialize in orthopaedics with advanced manual therapy and functional exercise training to help you reach your goals. Along with support from an experienced team of massage therapists, ReActive Physiotherapy can assist you whether you’re recovering from motor vehicle accident or rehabbing a sports injury.

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Complete Concussion Management & Baseline Testing

We have teamed up with Complete Concussion Management (CCMI), a national research and concussion care organization, that shares the goal of dealing with concussions more effectively. Multimodal baseline concussion tests can help with concussion management and help determine when it is safe to return to activity.

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Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy is skilled hand movements used to assess and treat the joints, muscles and soft tissue throughout the body. ReActive Physiotherapists use exceptional clinical knowledge to assess and treat orthopaedic impairments.

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exercise therapy

Exercise Therapy

Our clinicians use specific stretching, strengthening and stabilization exercises as a critical part of the rehabilitation process for musculoskeletal injuries and injury prevention.

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Dry Needling

Several ReActive Physiotherapists use this skilled treatment technique that involves the insertion of a very thin and flexible needle into a shortened muscle in order to help it relax, loosen and function better.

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