Resources for Physiotherapist’s Providing Care to People with Long-COVID

General Information:

Pre-Recorded Educational Webinars:

Essential Reading:

Assessment Tools:

  1. Self Evaluation of Breathing Questionnaire
  2. DePaul Symptom Questionnaire
  3. Post-COVID Functional Status
  4. Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale
  5. Physiotherapy Alberta Health Aging: Seniors’ Mobility Toolkit
  6. Bromptom Breathing Pattern Assessment Tool
  7. Rikli R, Jones J. Development and validation of criterion-referenced clinically relevant fitness standards for maintaining physical independence in later years. The Gerontologist. 53,2,2013: 255-67.
  8. Patient Specific Functional Scale

Return to Sport Guidance:

Long COVID & Return to Work Resources:

Competency Courses: