Breast Cancer Rehabilitation

ReActive Physiotherapy provides specialized and evidence-based rehabilitation for women with breast cancer.

Physiotherapy treatment combines manual therapy, myofascial release, specialized exercise prescription, lymphedema education and surveillance. Our assessments are completed in a private room and are comprehensive while being compassionate and sensitive to the unique needs of each woman. Our treatment plans are individualized and combined up to date clinical knowledge and excellence. Our goals are to decrease pain and stiffness, restore arm and chest motion and strength, restore energy and endurance, decrease arm swelling, resume activities of daily living, work or recreation. Each client will receive appropriate information about exercise, weight management and life style.

Manual Therapy and Myofascial Release includes skilled hands-on stretching for joints, muscle and fascia that are stiff, painful and have decreased range of motion following lumpectomy, mastectomy with or without reconstructions and radiation. Axillary Web Syndrome can also respond to manual therapy and manual stretching. Treatments are gentle and tailored to each woman’s stage of healing.

Specific and Individualized Stretching, Exercise and Strength Training for shoulder, upper extremity, abdominals and trunk musculature can assist women in returning to previous levels of function. Exercise has been shown to decrease fatigue, increase quality of life, assist with weight control and reduce the risk of breast cancer recurrence. Postural assessment and training is integral for women recovery from surgery and treatment. We have helped clients resume activities of daily living, return to meaningful employment and resume fitness endeavors. After a comprehensive assessment our physiotherapist will designs a custom home exercise program.

Lymphedema Education and Surveillance includes serial circumference measurements of the arm. Education will include risk reduction, early detection, massage and exercise for management and referral to lymphedema clinics for wrapping and or compression garments.

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