Custom Knee Braces

knee braceAs physiotherapists, we understand that sometimes our clients can benefit from bracing to help with knee related injuries. While rehabilitation is always recommended, a custom knee brace can also play a vital role in returning to daily activities, sports, or to manage symptoms before a more invasive surgical procedures like total knee replacements.

At ReActive physiotherapy, our bracing specialist is a physiotherapist who understands how the body works and will assist you to find the best brace for you, whether it’s a custom brace or an alternative brace.

How will a custom knee brace help you?

Your knee is designed to be a relatively stable joint compared to the joints above and below (hip/ankle), which are designed to move significantly more and are designed to be mobile joints. Often when injury occurs, the stability of the knee joint is compromised, whether it’s from osteoarthritis or from a ligament injury. These injuries can often be debilitating resulting from time away form the activities that you like to do. A custom knee brace is measured and made specifically to your knee and can help to unload an area of your joint (osteoarthritis), or can assist with stability (ACL, MCL tear, post surgery). A custom knee brace can also assist with giving clients confidence when returning to activities that previously had caused pain.

Conditions that can benefits from custom bracing are:

  • Ligament injuries (MCL, ACL, PCL, post surgery ligament repairs)
  • Osteoarthritis (OA)
  • Knee instabilities

We exclusively carry Donjoy knee braces, the leading knee brace manufacturer in the world. As there are several options available, your knee brace specialist will help you to find the best brace that works for you.

Will my brace be covered by insurance?

Your brace may be covered under your extended health benefits. Most often, a prescription from your physician is required in order to submit for you coverage. It is recommended that you contact your insurance provider prior to your brace fitting if you would like your brace to be covered under insurance. If you have any questions about how a custom knee brace can help you, please contact us at the clinic, we’re here to help.

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