Plantar Fasciapathy

Where is the pain? The bottom of the foot.

Cause: Load and or range of motion injury with a sudden increase in uphill or over sand running, an irregular surface requiring increased push off, running.

Aggravating Activities: Walking first thing in the morning, the push off phase of running or walking.

Assessment: Localized pain at the insertion of the plantar fascia at the calcaneous (heel), decreased dynamic muscular support during landing and or push off phase of running. Weakness if the foot intrinsic muscles and decreased calf strength may also be found. There is a possibility that the hind foot and ankle joint may also be stiff.

Common Treatment: The therapist may recommend taping or the use a plantar orthosis for protection in acute stage to unload the tissue. In some cases night splinting may be appropriate. If appropriate you may receive manual therapy to improve joint mobility. Stretches of the plantar fascia and calf will be provided, followed by appropriate strengthening. Improved running efficiency and return to running over softer irregular surfaces would also be appropriate.


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