Big Changes

June, 2020 is shaping up to be a much different month than we had planned at ReActive Physiotherapy. COVID-19 has impacted all aspects of everyday life, including your physiotherapy services. This week ReActive Physiotherapy resumed in-person treatments and massage therapy visits. We couldn’t be more excited to be back offering assessments and treatment! However, people coming to the clinic will notice big changes. Our waiting room is now inside your car. Everyone in the clinic will be masked and wearing protective eyewear. Exercises on the equipment and in the gym will be limited. These changes are all designed to keep all clients and staff safe and healthy.

So many of our clients have been calling and eagerly awaiting appointments. In the last two months, they may have kept fit and active and able to do their exercise programs or felt a little lost and unsure of what to do. Now that golf courses have opened, surgeries resumed, and more Zoom meetings happened, clients realized that their aching bodies are still very much affecting their day to day life.

In-person physiotherapy treatments may involve hands-on manual therapy to get joints moving, dry needling or acupuncture to improve trigger points, monitoring of vitals during workouts, specific facilitation of muscles during exercise, concussion or neurological testing, health coaching and lots of education.

While we strive for excellence in patient care we have always offered, we are also grappling that these changes may be with us for some time. Please know that the Ministry of Health of Ontario and the College of Physiotherapist highly recommends that when possible clients access physiotherapy virtually. This could be a short telephone consultation to get your history or check in on your exercises or a full audio-visual video assessment and treatment. This will support ongoing physical distancing. We hear over and over from clients that while they were hesitant to try virtual physiotherapy, it was very helpful and met their goals!

Virtual telehealth physiotherapy is not going away and we plan to enhance our services to seamlessly meet the needs of our clients:

  1. Parents at home with kids
  2. During bad weather
  3. While traveling for vacations or work
  4. On a job site
  5. For sport teams away at a tournaments
  6. In the event of further pandemic closures
  7. … and so many more!

ReActive Physiotherapy remains committed to excellence in patient care with distinguished therapists to meet your goals. So please don’t let more months go by before reaching out to meet your rehabilitation goals. Contact us today!