Are we all doing our part?

Over the past month, I have had a lot of time to reflect on my job as a physiotherapist, my own personal life and how the two overlap. A key aspect of work that I truly miss is the opportunity to meet and interact with new and ongoing clients on a daily basis. I have been working as a physiotherapist for almost a decade and one thing has remained constant in my practice – my belief in the value of physical activity. The benefits of exercise on improving physical health (such as reduced blood pressure and cholesterol, improved heart and lung function to name a few) are well researched and understood by just about everyone. We are also hearing more conversations about the benefits of physical activity for mental health, an increasingly important issue, especially as we all manage the current restrictions on social distancing and isolation. There is significant evidence showing a positive impact on improving mood, decreasing depressive symptoms, stress, and also anxiety.

With the coronavirus taking the world by storm, one thing still remains constant, physical activity remains an important part of our lives. It helps to reduce the incidence and impact of comorbidities and sets us up with a stronger immune system to fight infectious diseases, such as COVID-19. It can help protect against the looming threats associated with isolation/social distancing which can include sadness, depression, and that feeling of going stir-crazy. It also can help decrease the burden on our already taxed healthcare system. Further, it can help you maintain or even improve your level of fitness for when the world slowly returns to whatever the new normal may be. Physical activity will remain a key part of maintaining one’s physical and mental resilience going forward, and it is important to make this a priority and incorporate some aspects into your routine.

So I ask, what are you doing to stay physically active?

If the answer is nothing, then that is totally okay.

My next question is what can you do or what are you willing to do to start becoming more active?

Chris Statten, PT