Patellar Femoral Pain Syndrome PFPS, PFS

Where is the pain? Front or anterior knee

Cause: This is a load and repetition Injury. The runner may have increased their training volume too fast and it may have been too intense. PFPS is commonly associated with abnormal alignment of knee or knee cap during the bending and straightening activities, such as running. This abnormal alignment causes abnormal rubbing of the kneecap on the femoral condyle.

Aggravating Activities: The runner may have pain after prolonged sitting, going down stairs and with kneeling.

Assessment: The runner typically has weakness of gluteal muscles and possible weakness of quadriceps muscles. There may also be tightness of the tissue surrounding the knee, and decreased flexibility of other muscles of the hip and lower limb.

Common Treatment: The therapist may suggest to trial a taping technique to decrease pain with movement, they may release tight structures, recommend appropriate strengthening and or stretching exercises and provide suggestions on how to improve your running efficiency.


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