Iliotibial Band Syndrome, IT syndrome, ITBS

Where is the pain? Lateral or outside of the knee

Cause: This is a repetition Injury. Friction can build up as the ITB rubs over the lateral epicondyle of the knee as the knee bends and straightens causing an inflammatory response. Running on the same surface all the time, i.e. treadmill is a risk factor.

Aggravating Activities: Running after some minutes, sometimes completing stairs can be aggravating.

Assessment: The runner typically has decreased flexibility of the tensor fascia latae and ITB. Weaknesses of the gluteal muscles are also common.

Common Treatment: The therapist may suggest pain control modalities such as avoidance of running in acute stages and taping, theraputic ultrasound, manual therapy to release lateral structures of the knee, appropriate strengthening, stretching. The therapist may recommend a decrease in running volume, and a change in running surface to cross country trail or grass, as well as improved running efficiency.


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