COVID-19 and ReActive Physiotherapy

Hello out there to our wonderful community of current, past and prospective clients and colleagues. Times are changing quickly and as the COVID-19 pandemic spreads, and efforts to “flatten the curve” through physical distancing intensify, many of us find ourselves quarantined at home.

ReActive temporarily closed Monday, March 16th, 2020 according to the guidance of Ontario’s Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, Public Health Ontario and the College of Physiotherapist’s of Ontario. The decision to suspend in-person appointments was not taken lightly, but we felt that it was our duty to best decrease any risk associated with community transmission. We feel that in-person care by physiotherapists play a vital role in health care and have struggled with how best to replace this service. We also know that the pandemic will create new challenges of loss of social connections, increased anxiety, depression, decreased community ambulation, muscle strength and endurance all while hoping none of us or our loved ones are ill or worse.

At this time our therapists are working to provide education materials that we will share through our social medial feeds (blog, Facebook and Instagram). We are encouraging everyone to continue to be physical active in any way you are capable. The internet has been flooded with posts of workouts to do at home, step count competitions to keep you moving as well as calming stretches and mediation routines to help a swirling mind.

We are also exploring exciting new platforms that can offer virtual physiotherapy assessment and treatment for existing and new patients. We have exceptionally high standards and want this new system to offer the superior level of care we strive to achieve with each patient encounter in the clinic. We are also strategizing ways which we may be able to resume in-person care in modified ways, while maintaining the safety of our clients and staff.

In the meantime, your existing exercise plans on Physiotec can be access remotely at any time. Please follow us on social media (Instagram and Facebook) and reach out to your physiotherapist with any further questions.

In good health,

Jeff, Allison, Chris, Meagan and Tiffany
Registered Physiotherapist of ReActive Physiotherapy