Massage Therapists

Jonathan Young

Jonathan youngRegistered Massage Therapist
Areas of focus: endurance sports, running, motor vehicle accidents

A massage therapist who graduated from Westervelt College with Honours in 2010, Jonathan is involved with a wide variety of sports, and works with athletes to help them reach their potential. He also works with clients overcoming injuries related to motor vehicle accidents.

Jonathan’s treatments may include Graston techniques that¬†incorporate the use of metal instruments¬†to improve range of motion and restore mobility of the fascial planes.

A black belt in Kihon Karate, Jonathan previously worked as a personal trainer, giving him insights into a wide variety of athletes.

An active long distance runner, Jonathan competed in his first marathon in 2013.

Victoria Young

victoria youngRegistered Massage Therapist
Areas of focus: prenatal massage, endurance sports, motor vehicle accidents

An honours graduate of D’Arcy Lane, Victoria has been a registered massage therapist since 2008, owning and operating her own clinic for much of that time.

With a focus on both rehabilitative and preventative therapy, her clients have included pregnant women, athletes, clients that have been in motor vehicle accidents and everyone in between.

Victoria’s treatments may include Graston techniques that incorporate the use of metal instruments to improve range of motion and restore mobility of the fascial planes.

With a focus on pre and post-natal massage, infant massage, sport and hot stone massage, Victoria can assist everyone from pregnant women to endurance runners. Victoria is currently on maternity leave and will be returning in May, 2017.


Meagan Kennedy

Registered Massage Therapist
Areas of focus: sports injury/athletic rehabilitation, pre/postnatal, injury prevention

Meagan graduated with honours from CDI College Toronto in 2006.
A former competitive athlete in a variety of sports, she prides herself on her ability to bring years of extensive training and injury knowledge into her practice.

Meagan works closely with her clients to ensure that each and every one receives a customized treatment plan to best suit their individual needs and goals.

Meagan has recently returned to school and is excited to combine her years of massage therapy with her new training in manual osteopathy for a unique and effective therapeutic experience.

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